Fascinated yuki

posted on 14 Jan 2009 13:11 by blueluna in blueluna


Our shadow are lined,

On the road while the sun goes by

We holding our hand

Walking throughout forever land 


If you holding my hand

And always stand by me

In all of my full eye,

May be blinded with grateful cry… 


Cold wind…….. is nearly singing

Odouring... of winter wind

Right here, no longer for waiting

You and I can be closing

Our wonderful moment is coming 


(*)  Then, the fascinated snow is beginning    

Look like a wonderful billion snow is falling   

That time…we are holding and seeing   

Around us there's nothing but only flying of joyful


Its not dreaming or weakness

But I have to sincerely confess

Its has been said from my heart that 'I love you' 


No matter what happen

But when I be with you

I believe yes! I believeI could make it through 


Forever….please be forever

Our precious great day

I pray…. I keeping pray

Everlasting of our grateful day 


Even if... the heavy storm

May make you awake from the darkness night

No matter what all sorrowful kind

I will try my entire try, to make you be facing smile 


All fascinating falling down dancing snow

Outside the window

By never known to stop

Drop and drop from the sky 


Doing something for someone

By un-condition

Its not something fun…but 'love' 


If you going to far away from me in someday

I will pray the star to find the way where you are

Even smiling face or sadly crying in the darkness night

Please realize and keep in your mind…I always standby you 


(*) Then, the fascinated snow is beginning   

Look like a wonderful billion snow is falling  

That time…we are holding  and seeing  

Around us there's nothing but only flying of joyful 


Its not my weakness or dreaming

But plenty, I wanna be stay

With you …until everlasting day

Trustily, its our fate… I can feel 


On the walking through road, there is falling down

Of plenty pure white snow

In my mind have shown,

U and I are hold

Forever… no more …….


with u…